Fall 2016 Study Hall Hours

Study Hall Rules

  • All freshmen athletes are required to have 4 hours of study hall each week.  The study hall hours must be done during the times that study hall is scheduled. 
  • In addition to freshmen athletes, any athlete with a GPA below 2.0 (ineligible for competition) who is practicing with a team will be required to have 4 hours study hall each week.
  • The study hall hours will not be required second semester for any freshman athlete who has a first semester GPA of at least 2.3.  Athletes required to complete hours second semester will have their strikes start over for the new semester.
  • Enforcement of the study hall hours will be done using a three strike method.  The first week an athlete fails to complete the required number of hours will count as strike one.  The second week an athlete fails to complete the hours will be strike two and the third week with missed hours will be strike three.  The penalty for strike three and any weeks missed after strike three will result in a one game suspension. After strike three, any weeks in which the athlete completes less than four hours will result in another strike.  Any strikes after strike three cannot be removed.   The suspension must be served at the first scheduled contest after receiving the strike.
  • Athletes will be able to take back a strike by completing the hours missed during the week directly following the week where the hours were not completed.  Meaning, if an athlete only puts in 3 hours during a week (resulting in strike one) that same athlete can have the strike removed by putting in 5 hours the following week (the four required hours plus the one hour missing from the previous week).  In order to have the strike removed the athlete must complete the missed hours in the week following the week when the strike was earned.
  • The strike three penalty will follow the athlete to the next year if strike three is earned after completion of the team’s season.
  • Study hall hours will be counted from Monday – Sunday.  All head coaches will receive a copy of their athlete’s study hall hours from the previous week.  Head coaches will be notified of any strikes for their athletes.

Fall 2016 Study Hall Weeks 

First Week

September 6th thru September 11th

3 hours required

Second Week

September 12th thru September 18th

4 hours required

Third Week

September 19th thru September 25th

4 hours required

Fourth Week

September 26th thru October 2nd

4 hours required

Fifth Week

October 3th thru October 7th

2 hours required

Sixth Week

October 12th thru October 16th

2.5 hours required

Seventh Week

October 17th thru October 23rd

4 hours required

Eighth Week

October 24th thru October 30th

4 hours required

Ninth Week

October 31st thru November 6th

4 hours required

Tenth Week

November 7th thru November 13th

4 hours required

Eleventh Week

November 14th thru November 20th

4 hours required

Twelfth Week

November 21st thru November 27th


Thirteenth Week

November 28th thru December 4th

4 hours required

Fourteenth Week

December 5th thru December 11th

4 hours required


If you have any questions, contact Kenny Putnam, (301) 696-3375 or putnam@hood.edu.


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